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FJH finishes up Feature Film ICD-10


Seen here with Olesya Rulin, our star (High School Musical 1, 2, & 3) Teddy recently completed work on the feature film ICD-10, shot in Texas around the Sugarland area. FJH Studios provided location sound mixing services for all production dialogue, on site ADR and FX. Danny Clayton served the team with his boomer skills and was much appreciated. Ferrick Hallaron came in to pinch hit (boomer) for a few days. Teddy recorded both to the Fostex PD4 DAT recorder and straight to the RED digital cinema cameras. The RED records 4 channel audio at 20 bit 48k. "We’ve done three features direct to the RED and the producers love it" , "It allows the editor to dump the digital audio files into the timeline already synced to picture". The audio is typically recorded to a secondary digital format for a safety copy.
We are already in negotiations to mix two films starting in August.

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