About Teddy Hallaron

Teddy Hallaron, veteran film and video producer started his production career
over twenty years ago.

Texas A&M University graduate 1987
During his college career, Teddy studied cultural aspects of geography and
undertook graduate studies including courses in geographic documentary
filmmaking.  He produced three geographic documentaries during his tenure at
Texas A&M.

Sonat Exploration
Developed oil and gas exploration modeling projects. Teddy was also involved in
field operations during down-hole wire-line procedures. He represented the
company’s interests in geologic evaluations, supervising service companies such
as Schlumberger and Dresser Atlas.

Feature Enterprises as a staff producer/director
Teddy decided to pursue a career in film and video production.  Produced and
directed projects for
Dow Chemical and Kroger Foods. While there he honed his
skills in electronic cinematography and field production with clients including
Neiman Marcus, Phillips 66, and Compaq computers.

FJH Studios formed in 1990
This company soon undertook a mammoth project for the Texas Agricultural
Extension Service; a series of dramatic “soap operas" educating elderly minorities
on debilitating diseases caused primarily by cultural culinary practices. The great
success of this project led to several more high profile productions for the
Extension service, which were utilized throughout the United States.

Feature Films
In 1991, Teddy produced his first feature film, “The Marianao Kid”.  TMK went on
to receive critical acclaim and awards at the Worldfest film festival and “Best
Picture” at the Gulf Coast Film Festival.  The movie also premiered at the 1992
Cannes film festival, with several distributor screenings during the
Marche’ or film
market and was picked up for international distribution by ZIA Films.

During the 1
990s and first decade of the 21st century, Teddy has worked in
different creative capacities on over 15 feature films working with talents such
as Sally Field, Robert Greenwald, Ron Silver, Brenda Fricker, Tony Goldwyn, Anna
Beth Gish, Charles Durning, Timothy Bottoms, Polly Bergen, Meredith Baxter
Burney and ZZ Top.  

Sound Engineering and Editing
Teddy can also provide sound recording/engineer and post production sound
ervices, having worked on high-end projects like The Discovery Channel’s
“Inside the International Space Station”, a worldwide broadcast special in high
definition acquisition.  And one of the first thriller feature films shot on 24P Hi
Def, “The Face of the Serpent”.  He has videographed segments for The Oprah
Winfrey Show, The Rikki Lake Show,  Mary Lou’s (Retton) Flip Flop House [Hi Def],
McDonalds, and Survivors of the Holocaust for Steven Speilberg to name but a

International Projects
Teddy has worked with many international production and broadcast companies
like BBC’s Frontline, Italian TV, TV-2 (France), NHK (Japan), RTL (Germany),
Austrian TV, Discovery Channel, MTV, National Geographic, Animal Planet and the
Sci-Fi Channel.  Teddy has participated on projects from national spots and
music videos to motion pictures with cinematographers, John Toll, Bob
Steadman, Steve Shaw, Lloyd Ahern, Kees Vanoostrum, and Robert Rodriguez.

Houston Geological Society, Gamma Theta Upsilon (International Geographic
Honor Society), AIVF (Association of Independent Video and Film Professionals),
ASCAP (American Society of Composers Authors & Publishers) and the RIA
(Recording Institute of America)
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